Anticimex Campaign
Graphic & Media Campaign for Anticimex. Agency: Atrevia
Nuet (the diminutive of “naked” word in Catalan language) is a sustainable and artisanal fashion atelier, which produce small collections of clothes being responsible with the environment and society. For the development of identity we use a sans-serif typeface in nude color reinforcing the concept of the meaning of the name itself. We create the icon from the shape of stitching on the diagonal of the letter N.
Horror Film Houses
Horror Film Houses
H10 HOTELS | Rome Map
Map design for a weekend in Rome of H10 HOTELS magazine.
@36daysoftype - Z
We have had the enormous pleasure of being invited by Nina Sans & Rafa Goicoechea to create the opening letter of the twenty-sixth day for the project 36 Days of Type. Here we present our Z type. A Z (of ZZZ onomatopeia) created by sheep counted to fall asleep.
Our studio
Graphic / Art Toys / Clothes
Doctor Zamenhof & Juan Díaz-Faes Kidswear
Doctor Zamenhof studio in collaboration with illustrator Juan Díaz-Faes present their unisex clothing collection for children. Garments with prints inspired by four great classic horror film. Creative & Art Direction: Dr. Zamenhof & CranioDsgn / Pattern Illustration: Juan Díaz-Faes / Photo: Manuel Peris
Froth Lover for Brew Toys Exhibition.
"Froth Lover" custom toy for Brew Toy exhibition at Plastic Murs Gallery (Valencia - Spain) organized by WIP Toys & Syntetyk // Sponsored by Zeta Beer - Toy design by Gas //
la Cometa
La Cometa is an educational project which bases their proposal on specifically activities designed to meet the needs at each stage of children development. We build the image from the union of two concepts: la cometa (kite) as playful element which when is flying symbolizes the imagination of children, and opens the mind to new and creative solutions, and "la cometa" (short of comma in Catalan), as punctuation mark, bringing order to the sentence, to organize your tasks and ideas to understand the world. Typography: Rumba - Laura Meseguer
Modelado y producción del carácter diseñado por Juan Díaz-Faes para el músico, compositor y productor, Carlos Jean. Ilustración: Juan Díaz-Faes Modelado/Producción/Pintado: Doctor Zamenhof - CranioDsgn
Mr. Angry
Resin Art Toy project.
Paper Kraft
Analyzing the traditions that have survived the passage of time, transmitted from generation to generation and the ways to make and the craft materials, have been the printing world and traditional stationery, places where we found our inspiration for this project, one of the raw materials in these classic workshops: paper, and specifically the brown paper (kraft paper) with multiple uses. We present our proposal for a small collection of simple clothes, practical and comfortable for children, based on the concept of the shapes and lines of this multifaceted role. The pattern of main fabric of these proposal simulates the texture of kraft paper and has been achieved from digital printing on a textile easily folded, looking to emphasize the added value of this proposal: clothes that do not necessarily require ironing. Garments designed for moms and dads whom take their time nibbling their little cheeks and don't want to lost time ironing the clothes. Wash, hang up and ... .¡Play! - National Award for Children's Fashion Contest XV Creació Jove - Valencia Crea 2014 - Selected to FIMI (International Children's Fashion Fair) in the 4th Edition of the category Nuditos (design students) in Valencia, Spain. Photo: Andreu Robusté
Client: Juanjo Sagi Art & Creative Direction: Vivian Campbell / Doctor Zamenhof Illustration & Design: CranioDsgn / Doctor Zamenhof Printed by: El Calotipo Project Photos: Juanjo Sagi Business Card design for photographer, Juanjo Sagi. Printed on matte paper 300g (silkscreen printing).
Chip off the old block Business stick-card design for personal promotion
La Rentaora
Restyling del logo de la bodega "La Rentaora" ubicada en el barrio de El Carmen, Valencia (ESP)
Talle es una pequeña colección de nueve postales de las tendencias estéticas femeninas más significativas del siglo XX y que muestran cómo las preferencias de la sociedad respecto a la belleza, van cambiando según las imposiciones de la moda y la moral de cada época. Talle is a small collection of nine postcards of the most significant aesthetic trends female of XX century that show how the preferences of society regarding beauty change depending of the impositions of fashion and moral of each decade.
Sit & Draw
Hemos realizado el diseño del logotipo para la marca Sit&Draw en el lanzamiento de su primer producto para niños. Este juguete con forma de “casa-gato-puente”, fomenta la creatividad e imaginación de los más pequeños desde que son capaces de sujetar una tiza con sus diminutas manos. En la sesión de fotos con el producto hemos tenido ocasión de comprobar lo muchísimo que disfrutan los niños con esta bonita pieza de madera y pizarra. Art Direction: CranioDsgn Branding & instructions: Doctor Zamenhof Photography: Juanjo Sagi
Hommu Sticks N’ Roses by Doctor Zamenhof
Il.lustració per a Hommu Stick n'Roses.
En esta casa se habla // In this house we speak
Personal project.
Wedding Invitation // Eszter & Carlos
Más que orgullosos nos sentimos cuando nos pidieron el diseño de la invitación a su enlace, esta adorable pareja de novios de Valencia y Budapest.
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